Saturday, June 8

Lately... we're in Vancouver and we're loving it!

Well we've jet-setted off to Vancouver for the weekend to go to a friend's wedding, and so far we've been having a wonderful time.

I had been really nervous about the 5 hour flight from Montreal, but Zac did really, really well. We sat in the last row, and Zac entertained everyone as they waited in line for the bathroom. I honestly had no idea he was such a social guy!

We are here with my in-laws (who have graciously accepted to babysit for us during the wedding), and are staying in a beautiful hotel with gorgeous views of the waterfront.

We requested a crib at the hotel in advance, which was such a great idea because when we checked into our room we were also provided a baby bath tub, a mini humidifier, a diaper pale and a set of baby toiletries all for Zac. Talk about service!

Tangent: I have a confession to make, we've never taken Zac out to a restaurant before. We've been way too scared. When he was younger he would just freak out inconsolably for no reason and I think we've been scarred for life! But we knew that during this trip we were going to have to face our fears and take the dining-in-public plunge.

So for our first dining experience avec bébé, we decided to eat at the hotel restaurant (even if it was a much fancier place than we otherwise would have chosen for such a terrifying event).... but at least we could easily escape to our room if things turned sour.

And, as seems to be the case more and more these days, Zac totally surprised us with incredibly calm and content behaviour. He was amazing!  

^^ we gave Zac a piece of steak to suck on (in one of those mesh bag feeders), which occupied him beautifully while we enjoyed our meals and drank glasses of local B.C. wine. And he didn't even have to be on our laps! I am still in shock at how good he was, and so late in the evening too. A whole new world of opportunity has now been opened up to us.

And I am a happy mamma!

Vancouver is such a beautiful city!

And Zac loves it too :)

I wish you a wonderful weekend.


sweet harvest moon said...

Vancouver is such a wonderful city! Have a great time :)

Jana said...

What a fun age-enjoy every minute :) Vancouver is on my bucket list. I would love to hear sboutyour favorite restaurants and sites!
Jana @333 Days of Hand Lettering

Tanie said...

haha I think your hotel is like... five blocks from my apartment! Have fun while you're here, Vancouver is the best :)

Jan Halvarson said...

So happy to hear you're enjoying our city and yay for Zac! That lobster looks amazing!

k said...

congrats on the good restaurant experience!!! i get all anxious even though i know wesley is pretty chill...but its always the 'what if'! ha :) enjoy the time there!

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