Tuesday, August 27

Chillier days ahead....

I think I need a parka!
This is what immediately popped into my head this morning as I browsed the fall/winter collection preview from Emmerson Fry. 
This one is very relaxed-luxe, and I'm all about that!

Or maybe I need a fancy white wool coat...
 (although she looks good, let's be honest here... if it were cold enough to require a chunky knit turtleneck sweater aaaand a wool coat, I highly doubt I'd be wearing 3-inch slingback heels. I'm just saying...)
(both via Emmerson Fry)

This merino wool sweater with its big leather pockets totally stole my heart.
(via J. Crew)

And these slim-fitting jogging pants are the most stylish joggers I've ever seen. 
I think if I bought them I wouldn't want to wear anything else ever again.... so I better not buy them ;)
(also J. Crew)

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the southern hostess said...

Haha, good point about the slingbacks! I've got a serious case of winter coat lust.