Thursday, August 1

Random bits of life lately up north....

Lately up north we are enjoying the beautiful late summer weather and eating dinner outside.

Lately, we are making homemade ice cream (best. thing. EVER!), and celebrating the husband's birthday.

Lately up north, we are trying new things.... like riding in shopping carts and eating cheerios for the first time.

And lately I am also re-trying out old things... like my yoga routine that was somehow abandoned 8 months ago (coincidently the age of my son)...

Lately up north we are eating fresh fish, caught straight from the river (and then oh-so-deliciously breaded & fried!).
 And we are letting the boy experiment with finger foods too. 
It's a messy job but he certainly loves it!

 And lately we are simply enjoying the slower pace of life up here in the north... early mornings in the bed (Zac loves to stare at our dream catcher), building a little garden in the back yard, and playing with toys.... this boy is all about toys these days!



Margie Oomen said...

sounds wonderful like it should.

For the love of psych. said...

He is the luckiest (and cutest) boy around and he doesn't even know it! Its so nice that you'll have all these beautiful early years up North on record for him to look over when he's older :)

Jenna E said...

Dreamy! Looks like a great way to spend summer

Jenna said...

Oh, it looks like it's just lovely up north. :)