Wednesday, March 4

Life Lately.... Noah and I

Remember when I said that Noah slept all the time? Well, at 5 weeks old, he's definitely woken up! 
We had so much free time (it seemed) in the first few weeks, and life just suddenly got really busy. Such is the reality with two kids, I guess. And even though we were expecting this, it still came as somewhat of a shock to the system. We are adjusting slowly.

But it certainly didn't help that we've been apartment shopping like crazy for the last two weeks. Lugging a toddler and a newborn around the city to visit homes has been quite the adventure, to say the least. Thankfully we just signed the lease to a great new apartment and will be moving in May. It's definitely bittersweet, as we LOVE our current place.... but growing families call for larger homes. Such is life. Upward and onward.

Adrien had to fly back up north this morning for work. And although I'm a little terrified to be left alone with two kids for the first time, it's only for a week. And because I'm a total chicken, I am packing up and going to stay with my parents out in the country for the week, so I will have plenty of help! 

But for today I'm actually home alone with baby Noah. My mother took Zachary to Ottawa for the night (his first time going anywhere without me) to visit family (and give me a little break). He was so excited about it. And suddenly I have all this free time again. I was planning to make the most of it by going out for lunch and doing some shopping, but I changed my mind and decided to stay in my pjs all day, drink lots of coffee, have bubble baths and rent movies.... because I can!

And besides, I could use the spare time just to revel in Noah's cuteness....

He has certainly stolen my heart, that little guy :)


Natalie said...

This post made me think of this time when I read in the baby book "My husband and I have not been able to eat dinner together since the baby was 3 weeks old, one of us always has to be holding her and walking around." We looked at our 4 week old Lola dozing in her swing as we happily ate our dinner together and thought phew, not or baby! ...but by the next week Lola was out of her sleepy newborn phase and we knew EXACTLY what that baby book couple was talking about! Good thing these kiddos are so cute ;)
Love that little Noah and love that you had a peaceful time together xo

Anonymous said...

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