Friday, May 11

Alsace, Strasbourg & La Route des Vins

I can't decide if Strasbourg feels more like Germany or more like France. It's definitely a mixture of both. The half-timbered houses feel very Germanic, the choucroute is essentially German sauerkraut in French disguise.... but the melt-in-your-mouth pain chocolat (which I ate every single morning without hesitation) are indisputably French.

Strasbourg is a beautiful city, but the Alsatian countryside is even more picturesque.
We drove out along La Route des Vins through tiny medieval villages, each one more charming than the last.

It felt so good to be out in the French countryside.
We had a delicious picnic in the middle of nowhere with fresh baguette and cheeses... this is my favourite part of travelling.

 We ended our stay in the Alsace region in the adorable town of Colmar.

 Next up... Burgundy and then Paris : )


Natalie said...

mmmm....i love living vicariously though you two. Have an extra pain chocolat for me s'il vous plait!

Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

So pretty- I love Strasbourg, although it's been over 15 years since I was there last- what gorgeous photos- (continue to) Enjoy!

sweet harvest moon said...

I can't believe you are wearing a t-shirt! I live 2 hours away from Strasbourg and we are freezing over here :p
So Lucky!
Glad you enjoy it

Anonymous said...

:) I love Alsace!

kat78 said...

Hey Vanessa,

I will tell you, why can't decide whether alsace/Strasbourg is German or French.
That's because it belonged to Germany and France alternately...
European history! (;

Strasbourg said...

What a beautiful trip you had there. You sure do know how to take lovely pictures, although I’d have wished to see more pictures of Alsace, it’s a stunning destination. It will certainly be a delight though to read all about your upcoming trips in Burgundy and Paris. Good luck!